Dienstag, 15. September 2009

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Topics of the day: TNTV, copra, statistics, writing, discussions

We got up at 4:30, cycled up the hill to TNTV, were loaded up with make-up (even Raphael – I thought we looked awfully artificial but hope no one looking at a screen noticed) and sat down across from Esther, the presenter of the breakfast show “Iaora te Fenua” who started with the news and then interviewed us about our project. I must say I felt a lot more comfortable in front of the camera than I thought I would (although it was live) that’s probably because I know that the Polynesian population is generally very easy-going and forgiving.

After the interview we went “home” for breakfast and then cycled over to the agriculture ministry to find out about the potential for copra as a primary energy source. We received some interesting statistics (copra production of the different islands). The curve (quantity produced against time) showed troughs for the years where cyclones occurred and peaks for the years where the government intensively subsidized the production.

I cycled over to Roti, finished digitalizing the paper-questionnaires and drew some conclusions. Strangely 65% of the women but only 44% of the men I asked prefer small installations (like solar panels and wind turbines on rooftops) to large ones (big wind parks or solar farms). I also compared the answers I got on the street to the responses we obtained from the online survey. They all have the same trend but former crowd seems to be more eco-conscious than the internet users…

Then I triked over to the Royal Tahitien to deliver a message to Eric – the two weren’t “home” yet (they’re quite busy meeting lots of people who will potentially be interviewed again for the actual documentary film which will be made in February) so I sat in the shade under the traditional handmade roof, enjoyed the breeze and the peace and quiet (only heard the cars in the distance) and wrote while I waited for them to come home.

In the evening the five of us had dinner together and discussed the project (what else could one possibly talk about ;). I cycled “home” relatively early since I was pretty exhausted from the long day – I think I’m getting old ;)

Final thoughts of the day: Today someone said to me that I have a very naïve way of perceiving injustice.
I think children look at reality in a less distorted manner than adults... How many people would chose to see the world from a child’s perspective again, if they could?

Eric and Robert said that the meeting with Christian, the publisher from “Au Vent des Iles” was quite promising. I really hope “Le Projet Tahiti” will be printed by a Polynesian publisher…

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