Montag, 14. September 2009



Topics of the day: questionnaires, hydropower, Point Venus, Pomare-grave, market, Roti, asylum

Today I worked on the questionnaires again and the four of us went to look at one of the hydropower-plants which was quite interesting (it’s quite amazing how little space the two 3 MW-turbines took up on the ground – but I guess one has to consider the huge amounts of materials (pipes and dams) that one can’t grasp at first glance). Robert exhausted himself with his camera and filmed Eric, Raphael, me and the two people from EDT we talked to - although it was raining – hope his camera will forgive Robert’s ambitions nature. I guess I will spare the reader of the details of the interviews (since I wrote so much for yesterday) – just so much: there are optimists and pessimists and we need to say goodbye to the idea of “cost” in the conventional sense if we really want to get anywhere.

We managed to get some useful data for Raphael’s simulation before driving to Point Venus (a black beach with a lighthouse) where the three kept discussing the project while I took some time off and grabbed my fins to have a closer look at biodiversity (to have a close look at what we’re trying to save) through my diving mask.

Then Robert and Eric dropped us off at “home” quickly stopping by the royal grave of the Pomare family (which is made out of black coral).

In the afternoon I went to the market and then we actually wanted to cook dinner over at Roti’s all together. My social skills aren’t always the best (to say the least) so I took off to buy some crackers, visit Eric and write a bit while Raphael and Robert pursued the original plan. After calming down, talking to Rudolf and Eric (regaining optimism – at least a bit) I went back to find two empty bottles of wine and three optimistic people (all starting with R ;) happily cooking up plans. I apologized for my misbehavior and cycled home, feeling slightly better about the end of the day.

Final thought of the day: When I look up to the stars I just realize again how small I am and wonder if I should maybe forget about saving the planet (could I possibly make a difference) - but how can I even dare to think about quitting in order to blindly enjoy life, knowing that there are billions of people living today and in the future that (will) suffer?

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