Samstag, 19. September 2009



Topics of the day: Bye-bye civilization, hiking, farewell-dinner

Robert decided that he should take at least a few hours to experience the nicer side of the island so I decided to join him for a hike. We almost made it up to the clouds – but not quite to the top (maybe up to 1700 meters)… the view was breathtaking and we glad to be away from civilization – no cars, no rumpus, no people (except for a few scattered wanderers), no stress just fresh air, trees and a winding dirt path – nature…

After our return we had a farewell-dinner for Eric and Robert with Johann over at Roti’s house. She had prepared sushi (and other fishy things and luckily also veggies ;) – everyone loved the feast. We philosophized about politics and uncorrupt presidents – after saying good bye to everyone we made a smooth transition from daydreaming (Utopia) to actually sleeping.

Final thoughts of the day: It’s unfortunate Robert and Eric couldn’t stay a little longer – they were only here to work and didn’t really get a chance to relax.

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