Freitag, 18. September 2009



Topics of the day: packing, meeting, eco-quartier, cleaning, wind-turbine-assembly, Johann, Roti

Today we packed, met up with Terii Vallaux, his assistant Jessica, Mizael, Roti and Hinano to discuss the public participation solar farm/community solar rooftop project – D2-attitude is thinking more along the lines of CO2-compensation projects (companies and individuals paying to “neutralize” their emissions elsewhere (on the smaller islands/atolls) – modern letters of indulgence (but I think I’ve mentioned this before) and Terii mentioned their lack of human “resources” meaning Raphael and I will probably sit down with Hinano and Roti to make a plan but we’ll definitely need someone who knows about the local (financial) frame, how to establish an operating company (with limited liability), etc.,… If I understood the two correctly they want to start up an “eco-quartier” which would obviously be a more holistic approach – not just looking at the energy aspect.

In the afternoon I cleaned the flat and assembled some wind turbines (the card-board ones we give away as a thank-you) while Raphael moved our things and got some help from Roti writing e-mails in French. In the evening we took Johann out for dinner to thank him for sharing his apartment and putting up with us for so long. Then we officially moved in with Roti.

Final thoughts of the day: I’m so thankful for our friends here. I sure couldn’t name many people in Germany who would just share their house/flat (with strangers !) for such a long time.

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