Sonntag, 20. September 2009



Topics of the day: writing, European Mobility week, mobilizing people, writing

Today I had a lot to catch up on blog entries and e-mails, corrected a stack of leaflets (we’d printed too many for the last bike action) and Raphael, Roti and I cycled downtown to distribute them – advertise for the one next month (which Roti will have to do on her own in case no one else turns up ;). It was so relaxing – all six lanes of the road by the port were closed for cars meaning open for runners, cyclists, skateboards,… they had a stage with loud music and dance instructors, horses in the Bougainville, a bike parcours, some car for security demonstrations (not quite sure how they fit into ecological means of transportation… maybe because you need less hospital resources and less materials to fix your car if you avoid accidents…). We distributed and possibly also talked to about 153 people before we went back to our actual work.

Raphael prepared for our big meeting and we made sure to “synchronise” our opinions (or at least appear to in front of the politicians we’ll encounter tomorrow) while I wondered about storage capacities (since apparently pumped hydro storage isn’t feasible on a big scale and there is an insufficient potential for biomass), placing parabolic trough power plants on the ocean and wrote…

Final thoughts of the day: Apparently the city spent 14 000 000 CFP on the European Mobility Week… if only NGO’s had half of that money…
I’m tired, but shall be motivated and optimistic tomorrow!

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