Dienstag, 8. September 2009



Topics of the day: Nuihau, TNTV, Pomare, planning

At 7:30 we met Nuihau, Robert and Eric at the “Royal Tahitien” (the hotel the two are staying at which is also mentioned in the book – good job Dirk: you described the place in such detail that I thought I’d been there before). Nuihau and Eric really got along very well (two generalists) and I think Robert was also quite fond of the idea of interviewing Nuihau for the documentary film in February.

At 9:00 we had an appointment with Vaimiti, the reporter from TNTV who had already interviewed us on Saturday for the bike-action. In the course of our conversation with Nuihau, Roti and Hinano had turned up so Vaimiti used the opportunity to capture their opinion on the motor show – the two demanded tax exemption for (more ecofriendly/less environmentally destructive) electric cars - then she took a shot of Raphael with a Motu (reef islet formed by broken coral and sand surrounding an island/atoll) in the background – he explained that it would soon disappear (due to the sea level rising) to suggest that it would be wiser switching over to renewables sooner rather than later. Then we cycled over to “our” 9-story skyscraper – we had to wait 5 minutes before Vaimiti arrived in her company car (we passed the traffic jam) – so she could get some shots of us with empty rooftops (lots of free space for photovoltaic panels) in the background. When I talked to Vaimiti about freedom of the press she said that she felt that she could report about relevant (environmental) issues quite openly.

Raphael called a few of our contacts to arrange meetings for Eric and Robert while I cleaned the apartment (Johann had already commented on the dust bunnies which had started populating the floor (my excuse: we weren’t “home” very much)).

In the afternoon Roti, Rudolf, Robert, Eric and I went to see Joinville (Pomare XI) whose accession to the throne was to take place on the 9th.

What amazed me most was Pomare mentioning them (a group of 50 young activists (with kids)) occupying an uninhabited atoll (Mopelia) in 1987 and building up a self-sufficient commune. In 1992 they were forcefully removed by Gaston Flosse and the French. What a shame…

I must admit Rudolf made a valid point (having “royal blood” in his veins himself) by explaining (to Robert – not in front of Pomare) that French Polynesia or even Tahiti didn’t just have one king but several. Pomare V was given power over the other kings and then made an alcoholic by the French so he was quasi artificially superior.

In the evening Raphael cycled over to the Royal Tahitien from where we set out with Robert to find a “roulotte” (restaurant on wheels) before getting appointments sorted out. We talked about the nature of mankind and tried to find a point from where the theoretical concept of Equilibrism could best be put into action (looking at plastic cups, imported steak and SUV’s around us maybe not the optimal ambiance to discuss this matter). Eric still didn’t feel too well so he stayed at “home” and just had some bananas.

Final thoughts of the day: Wonder if the “king” is going to read the book “Le projet Tahiti” which Eric and Robert gave him and if he does, what he’ll think about it…

I have the feeling that we’re bringing people together who really have a lot to tell each other: Rudolf and Roti or Nuihau and Eric for example – it’s good to watch people sharing and developing ideas. That’s what keeps alive my hope that a brighter future isn’t just some crackbrained utopian dream.

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