Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

Mixed Feelings


Topics of the day: Pierre, crisis, public participation solar farm, socialising

In the morning Eric, Robert and I went to meet Pierre Blanchard (the independent consultant) while Raphael went to the TEP again to get a plan of the electricity grid. He showed us his house which is crammed with thousands of books and traditional Polynesian and Papua New Guinean (and other) sculptures and instruments and explained his photovoltaic panels. He has 6,5 kW installed and feeds more electricity into the net than he uses. When I asked about the potential/rooftop surface area of the houses in Tahiti – he rebuked me so ruggedly that I had a bad conscience for being so incompetent - I should have looked through all the data he had given us a few weeks ago before asking.

When I got back I had a little crisis (negative energy) which I would prefer not to describe in detail… five ants aren’t enough to move an anthill… unfortunately I didn’t feel like an ant in every aspect – I guess ants don’t have personal problems (although one can never say for sure)

The second half of the day turned out to be a lot more pleasant. While Eric and Robert met someone whom they might interview for the film in February Raphael and I talked to Jean-Louis (from the SEDEP). Roti and Rudolf joined us and I think the three could potentially be the nucleus of the public participation solar farm… The meeting wasn’t attended by quite as many people as we had hoped but Jean-Louis definitely has the technical know-how and motivation to support the people who “only” possess latter.

Later on Robert, Eric, Hinano and Johann joined us and we socialized for the rest of the evening. Of course the focus of our conversation remained the Tahiti project but the atmosphere was more relaxed than in official meetings and no one seemed to mind that I left the gathering for a bit to hop over the wall of the restaurant (of the Royal Tahitien – where most of our meetings seem to be taking place now that Robert and Eric are staying there) onto the narrow black beach and into the darkness of the ocean.

Final thought of the day: Time’s running up and I don’t have enough energy to get everything done – I need some intrinsic motivation!

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