Montag, 7. September 2009

Happy :)


Topics of the day: Eric and Robert, regional currency, documentary film

Today Roti and Rudolf picked up Robert and Eric at the airport because we thought we’d have an appointment with TNTV. It turned out we didn’t so we went to the bike-shop to get some spare parts (brake pads) for Vaitua’s bike which he has kindly lent me (one needs to break with the feet). Then we cycled over to Roti’s were she showed up with our “reinforcement” followed by Rudolf. We had a really nice (mostly local) lunch and some good conversations. Robert told Roti about the documentary film he’s planning on making (with Eric’s help) in February to show the different perspectives people in Tahiti have and portray their views on the book “Le projet Tahiti” and whether they could picture a vision like this for the year 2022.

I think Roti was very pleased to see Vaitua so interested in what Eric had to say about regional currency*. The other day she said she regretted that her children didn’t turn out like Raphael and me – as forward looking activists… We pretty much talked all day.

Just before sunset Robert and I managed to go for a brisk dip in the ocean (felt like I hadn’t been swimming in ages) before we went back to Roti’s house for some Crepes. Eric and Robert’s jetlag seemed contagious so we went to bed fairly early too.

*regional currency: encourages people to spend money on local products/in neighbourhood businesses thereby strengthening the region in economic terms, supporting self-sufficiency and in most cases reducing the ecological footprint left by the inhabitants. Interesting links: and

Final thoughts of the day: I’m so happy that Eric and Robert are here!

Today someone told me that I was going to die – as if he was an immortal :)

Hope Eric feels better tomorrow!

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