Dienstag, 25. August 2009

Fighting in French


Topics of the day: European Mobility Week, 2D-Attitude, sponsors

Today we met up with Mizael (and two other people from “2D-Attitude” a local environmental organization) and someone from the city hall who is organizing the program for the European Mobility Week in Pape’ete. Roti also joined us with a few of her friends (3 journalists). Unfortunately we met in a loud restaurant and I felt pretty tired so I wasn’t able to understand everything that was said. We’ll meet up with Mizael again on Friday in the Parc Bougainville (it’s a bit quieter there)…

I found it quite indicative that they were all French… would have been good to have a few more locals there.

Although it was good to meet Caroline from 2D-Attitude (she has lots of ideas and is very energetic) I felt a bit drained after the meeting. I guess the fact that there is still so much to do and our bicycle-action is in less than two weeks is stressing me a bit. When I was sitting in Roti’s car looking out at all the other big cars my imagination was insufficient – I just couldn’t picture bikes only (well, maybe just a Reva Tae swooshing by). Roti and I actually wanted to go to all the bike shops to find a sponsor but she felt quite exhausted as well and we still had to print the draft version of the “Toa Times”. So we went over to her place to work on it a bit more. Meanwhile Raphael went to the TEP (Société de Transport d’Energie Electrique en Polynésie) to meet someone. He didn’t have anything interesting to report when I asked him about it in the evening (the only thing he found out was that the TEP was established only recently, before EDT had “taken care” of everything – if we had any questions about the grid or its stability we’d be better off asking someone from EDT directly). Some meetings here really seem to have been quite pointless...

Final thought of the day: Being “écolo” here means driving a small SUV…

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