Montag, 24. August 2009

Global Compassion or Emotional Particularism


Topics of the day: memory blurred (no I don’t financially support the local… green economy)

I most likely spent reading, writing and worrying about the world - what a waste of time...
Maybe I wondered why people are so emotionally particular – when you read in the paper that a kid in your neighbourhood died (you didn’t even know him/her) in a car accident that feels a lot worse than reading that thousands of children (somewhere at the other end of the world die of malnutrition somewhere in Africa (as people like to generalize) or are born disabled somewhere in South America due to the extensive use of pesticides (“needed” for the banana you just ate) which get into the ground and so the drinking water.

Final thoughts of the day (possibly):
Does every person in the world have the same potential to feel with others?
Is that something you learn or is everyone maybe already born with a certain potential (nature or nurture)?
How can we create a sense of global compassion? I guess once we figured that one out we’ll finally have a peaceful and just global community…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Dearest Soulmate,

no - I do not think that everybody has the same potential to feel with others. This might be a question of sensivity and "trainig" as well... Otherwise people wouldn't be that rude and emotionally cold and destructive!

Looking forward to share thoughts and answers with you. With you in thoughts, warm embrace - yours Leonie

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