Mittwoch, 26. August 2009


...wonder who will want to read a blog entry with that title - for nerdy readers only ;)

Topics of the day: sponsors, newsletter, children, invitations

This morning I cycled over to Roti (déjà-vu) to finally go and find sponsors but it took too long for her to correct all the mistakes I had made in the journal (although my written French has slightly improved since we got here) and she had a meeting so we didn’t get around to it. At least I managed organizing some things for when I get back to Scotland (we only have four weeks left – time’s going by so fast!).

In the afternoon I went over to the children’s home again and played with the kids. When I came most of them weren’t there (off to play football or basketball or get dancing lessons) but that way at least I got a chance to slowly learn the names. After those three hours I felt really relaxed (stress signs vanished).

Back at Roti’s (Raphael came along to finalize the logo for our “Vélowave”) I went through all the documents Roti had written (manifesto (which even I found a bit too radical), letter to the Oscar (the president of French Polynesia ;), invitation for a press conference, press release, letter to the mayor of Pape’ete and one to ask for permission to use the square in front of the Heiva-stadium as an meeting place for our demonstration). Then I wrote for the blog (I guess I should feel sorry that the quality has decreased so much). We got “home” past midnight. Unfortunately we always wake up at around 6 o’clock in the morning…

Final thoughts of the day: I’m pretty exhausted and don’t feel like I’ve got anything to show for. Will our struggle to mobilize the population succeed or just be a(nother) failed attempt? Is an action like this one too particular? Fighting against symptoms doesn’t really do it – we need to change the system completely… on the other hand people need something small they can participate in to start and if we… I mean… they manage to get through to the government with their demands (cycle paths, bike sharing and tax exemption for bike purchases (which is not really much considering the time which we have left to save the planet is running up quickly)) they might feel like they can change the bigger picture too.

Unfortunately I got neither a response from Terii Vallaux nor from Nuihau saying how they will proceed with the public participation wind park/solar farm…

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