Montag, 17. August 2009

Capitalism and Nature


Topics of the day: capitalism, circular versus linear, nature

Some readers will have noticed that I didn’t post any blog entries for Sunday – like today we spent reading so there really isn’t much to write… just two thoughts (note: I obviously know nothing about economics)...

1. Capitalism is based on infinite economic growth - how does that work on a finite planet? And when money (interest) is made just by letting it sit and “work for itself”, who is paying?

2. Nature has more than 3 billion years of experience – how long will it take till mankind learns to copy it? Shouldn’t we make things biodegradable (which is technically possible), accept that we are part of our environment and think in circular instead of liner systems (Earth is round)?

Final thought of the day: I’m still hoping that the majority of mankind will wake up – stop vegging in front of the tube (which creates artificial needs), become critical and reflective citizens of the planet and ask themselves what’s really important in life!

I didn’t intend for this to sound so snotnosed (I don’t have all the answers – I just know that we need to change something).

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