Samstag, 15. August 2009



Today I cycled over to Roti’s house and we talked pretty much all day (about our bicycle-action, environmental activism in general, politics, spirits, dreams, the system, religion, Rapa and ants). Raphael stayed at "home" and read (I think).

Final thought of the day: I’ve come to the conclusion that I should try to finish my studies in Scotland - to get that piece of paper in the end and have an official academic “value” for society (that’s easier than trying to stand up to this system without having a degree)… I’ve probably learned more (about the “real world”) during our project here than I will have learned in 8 semesters of university…

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Dearest Kimberley -
Ich glaub schon dass Du Recht hast. Warum das Papier? Damit man uns später mehr Glauben schenkt. Warum Projekte? Um wirklich was zu lernen. Ich glaub Du lernst grad ganz schön viel, gell? Ich freu mich für Dich - für die Erfahrung :-)

Und danke für Foto Nr. 199 :-) Big big hug! Deine Seelenschwester

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