Samstag, 12. September 2009



Topics of the day: questionnaire, filming, pirogue, uru, Rudolf and Belinda, Curitiba

In the morning I started digitalizing the results of the paper-questionnaires I’ve done out on the streets – a quite monotonous job – but I’m already looking forward to comparing the results with the online-survey (wonder if they’re going to be noticeably different – are internet-users here just like the average person on the road?). Raphael and Robert went on the roof and also to the abandoned waste-incineration-plant to do some filming/be filmed (luckily I’m not very filmogenic which meant that I got some peace and quiet to work).

In the afternoon we went over to Rudolf and tried out his pirogue – it is really difficult to keep the balance (one has to lean over to the side with the outrigger) – Robert and I went swimming (on purpose of course), Raphael and Eric stayed dry – wonder why ;)

Rudolf made a fire and cooked an uru (breadfruit - as a starter). It tasted so good that I hardly had any of the main course (taro and other local vegetables (well, and fish – but I’m a veggie)). Rudolf’s house-mate Belinda told us how she had built her house (the traditional way without air-conditioning) and out of mostly local material but that she had to put corrugated metal sheets on top of the naturally made roof because she feared that fireworks would burn it down.

Her and Eric had a vivid (and loud) discussion about the land-reform, politics, corruption and the attitude of the people here – the rest of us listened and modestly participated ;)

Final thought of the day: On the one hand I hope that Eric and Robert get to meet some more politicians (especially the president – the meeting keeps being postponed) but on the other hand I wonder if it’s going to make a difference.

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