Mittwoch, 2. September 2009



Topics of the day: sponsors, bikes, chemises, kids, online questionnaire

This morning Roti, Hinano and I went to look for some more sponsors but (only) got 10 t-shirts (probably made from genetically modified cotton loaded with pesticides and manufactured in a sweatshop by some poor children in China – worst case scenario or omnipresent reality?) and went to pick up Roti’s new red tricycle (I got to cycle it home because Roti had her car (I have a drivers license but can’t really say that I’d still feel comfortable driving a car – it’s been a while)). The trike doesn’t have gears and behaves quite differently to a bike in curves but the drivers in Pape’ete tend to be relatively tolerant and easy-going so I just took the right of way… Hinano also got a bike (it’s quite funny how they both didn’t have one but ardently support the idea).

Raphael finished the poster (which Roti and I kept criticizing – we’re really giving him a hard time) and went to Air New Zealand to change his flight (again). Roti sent an invitation for our press conference tomorrow and Raphael wrote a press release about our project (he thought we should be in the newspaper with our actual project before we leave) and added two questions to our online questionnaire. I went to see the kids at the children’s home, made a few chemises/simple shirts out of the sponsored fabric we had picked up yesterday and tried to find a quote in the bible to convince churches to take part in our demonstration and e-mailed them (unfortunately not many of them have internet presence) I also invited all my “friends” to our event – wonder how many of them will show up…

Final thoughts of the day: I now have 119 “friends” on Facebook…
Still wondering whether the internet is a good invention or not…
Raurani has the swine flu… I’m not sure how long the incubation time is… hope she gets well soon.

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