Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Pessimist or Realist?


Topics of the day: press conference, TNTV, EDT, market, sick, translation

This morning we had a press conference and not a single reporter showed up – it turned out Roti had sent the wrong time to the press (11:00 instead of 9:00). At shortly past 11:00 (I had already gone back to Roti’s to get some things done) a journalist from Tahiti Presse turned up and interviewed Raphael. Then Roti and I made our way to TNTV and she got to be on TV live – it was interesting to see how the news broadcast was made (they allowed me to go behind the scenes).

In the afternoon Raphael and I went to meet someone from EDT. Their head office which is situated in Fa’aa not far from the airport is really “ecofriendly” (according to their employees) they have a few PV-panels, ugly architectural features on the sides of the building shielding off some of the incoming sunlight (in order to prevent the building from getting too hot) and air conditioning that works with solar thermal vacuum collector tubes (absorption or adsorption cooling (?) – have to learn more about this (!)). On the one hand I’d say: Greenwashing! on the other hand: one (EDT) has to start somewhere…

Mr. Quentin didn’t really tell us anything new, he just said that it would be impossible or at least difficult to feed more than 20 percent fluctuating renewables (like PV and wind) into the grid and one would have to wait until an ultimate storage solution is found… I must admit he wasn’t among the most congenial people that I’ve met – he didn’t get my point about external costs of fossil fuels – he said that they would still be cheaper than renewables (even if the environmental and social costs were included) – bullshit!

He also mentioned that Australia only has one single crane capable of lifting the parts for big (MW-range) wind turbines… so setting up wind energy converters of those dimensions would be logistically “impossible”… but anyhow the wind turbines suitable for French Polynesia would have to be smaller (only up to 275 kW) in order to be foldable (to prevent damages from cyclones).

At the end of the conversation he was a bit friendlier – but maybe that was only my perception because he is willing to send us the requested data…

Back at Roti’s I felt a quite sick (already thought I’d caught Dengue or the swine flu) luckily I felt better in the evening so I worked on a translation (our “job” here really is quite diverse).

Final thoughts of the day: We only have one day left to organize things and there’s still so much to do (we don’t have a sponsor for the Toa Times yet – so obviously it’s not printed yet and we need to make posters, banners, chemises,… – wonder where Roti takes all that energy from!

The planet is heating up and people worry about finding solutions for air-conditioning instead of constructing buildings that are cool don’t require any in the first place.

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