Samstag, 5. September 2009

The Intention Counts...


Topics of the day: bike action

In the morning we went over to Roti for some final preparations and then the two of us set off with our wheeled (wo)man-powered transport devices to buy some paper and pencils for the drawing contest, find a megaphone (luckily without success) and assemble at the “Place To’ata” while Raphael went to print our bike-art-line-exhibition (pictures of a variety of different bikes on a chord).

At quarter past twelve two and a half pedestrians (one of Roti’s friends and a mother with a toddler on her arm who had read about the demonstration in the newspaper and totally and supported the cause), two cyclists and about 5 people from the press had turned up.

At 12:30 five lonely but proud cyclists set off to conquer the streets of Pape’ete – we were amazingly cheery and got a lot of respect from drivers (although we took up an entire lane) and attention from pedestrians (or people just sitting around, which seems to be a quite popular pastime here).

On our way we handed out leaflets and picked up another spontaneous cyclist and a whole bunch of skater-boys. We rolled round the city center twice and then made our way to the “présidence” to deliver our demands to the president Oscar Temaru. His secretary Maiana Bambridge received us and agreed with pretty much everything we said but pointed out that we’d have to lobby the members of the “Assemblée”…

We didn’t do much else that day – were quite exhausted from all the preparations.

Final thought of the day: I must admit that I was quite disappointed that so few people turned up (especially considering how much time and effort went into the preparations) but I hope we got the message across (in the media, on the streets and in the “présidence”) and the skateboarders want to participate again next time – unfortunately we won’t be here but I’m sure Roti will mobilize lots of people and reach “the critical mass”!

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Hey Kimberley,
it's the same here in Munich in my neighborhood: I try and I try and I can get no satisf - not enough resonance ;-)
as far as I see it.
But probably are those few interested people enough in the long run, if more and more people reach 5+ others?

P.S. Probably we can get organized some book booths for Tahiti-Projekt and Go! on "Münchner Klimaherbst" 2 weeks of events all over the city to address climate change, where last year some celebrities of the right livelyhood award took part.

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