Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Ecofriendly or just less damaging?


Today I complained to Raphael that everyone is being so pessimistic and that we still have so much to do and find out – the potential for biomass and the total area of unshaded roofs in Tahiti for example…

Pessimism is dangerously contagious: valid storage capacities are either toxic batteries or ecologically questionable hydropower dams, biomass can quickly lead into the wrong direction (monocultures and pesticides), wind turbines can damage coral reefs and are concrete- and thus CO2-intensive when manufactured…

Yes, in any case all these forms of electricity generation have “minor” impacts on the environment and are a lot more tolerable than burning fossil fuels or playing around with nuclear fission…

Final thoughts of the day: Does less bad equal good?

I’ll be more buoyant tomorrow – Eric and Robert will arrive at 8:25 in the morning (with more books and a load of optimism in their luggage :)

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