Samstag, 29. August 2009

In Vino Veritas, in aqua sanitas – or maybe not…


Topics of the day: writing, no sponsors, Thede's farewell party, wine

Today I wrote, sorted through some pictures (applying efficiency criteria: a waste of time) and then went downtown to ask at the nearby bike shop if they’d like to sponsor us – they refused but at least I gave them such a bad conscience (“Mais notre fenua…”) that I got our bike pumped up for free - cold comfort (this is not a very good translation – going swimming in waterfalls for example really is quite the pleasure especially in these latitudes)… Anyhow, I’m not very convincing when it comes to selling my - our ideas (I’m just supposing you’re with me, dear reader). I didn’t feel too bad (as bad as the last time) though because I got the impression that the Chinese shop owner didn’t understand me very well and on top of that the Chinese here are known to be profit-greedy… I mean competent salesmen. Then I bought a broom (imported from France – that’s what I love about being outdoors: you never have to clean (the floor) – looking at everyday life here it’s hard to believe Tahiti used to be self sufficient – but (today) I have enough imagination to picture it :) for Johann’s apartment so we don’t have to bug our neighbours all the time – although we could have suggested broom-sharing (sharing tools really makes a lot of sense when you consider how often they are used and how much energy flows into producing them)…

In the afternoon Roti picked up Rudolf and then drove by “Mamao” to collect us because we were all invited to Thede’s farewell party (he’s leaving Tahiti tomorrow) at Tino and Tia’s (forget the public transport). Two of Tia’s sisters (+ a husband), Tino’s parents and Frank (another Polynesian who spent a few years in Germany – half the people at table spoke German quite amazing considering that we’re so far away from “home”) were also there. We had some really good conversations and everyone got along great – I have the hope that… no… I know that we’ll leave behind a few people who are motivated to fight for renewables :)

Unfortunately I had a bit too much wine (unwise decadence) so I went to lie down beside the kids, fell asleep and missed out on the second half of the evening/night – at least now I’ll spare the reader of dull renarrations.

Final thoughts of the day:
Today Raphael said that we need a vacation (we shouldn’t miss the chance to explore French Polynesia – who knows if we’ll ever come back). Maybe we’ll go to Maupiti with Tia and Tino - his parents (who live in Maupiti) offered that we could stay with them… it takes a while to get there by boat and Eric and Robert are coming soon to start working on the film so I don’t know if we’ll still get a chance to go…

I can hardly ever relax (would be more efficient if I did) – blessed blinkers (sometimes I’d like them back)!

If Thede’s wind turbines yield sufficient profits (they’ll have amortized soon) he said he’d employ me as an independent do-gooder - my dream job!

Alcohol makes me tired, I’m always honest anyway and the water here is chlorinated – I guess the Greeks couldn’t see that coming!

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