Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Facebook Revolution


Topics of the day: market, networking, Facebook, blog, Raphael accident

This morning we went to the market – it has become a nice Sunday-tradition now that we’re living only 3 minutes from the city center.

I spent all day over at Roti’s networking: flooded all her “facebook-friends” (Facebook is a social networking website where people generally waste… I mean spend a lot of… quality time) and their friends with our “Vélowave” (invited them to our bicycle demonstration on Saturday) and modified the “Toa Times” blog. At the end of the day I had already made 13 “friends” without even taking my eyes off the screen or saying a word – how convenient…

When I came “home” I found Raphael with his foot in the sink and our neighbour assisting him with disinfectant, dressing material and tape – he’d fallen up the stairs and cut three of his toes on one of the metal swells that are fixed to the edges of the steps in the stairwell (it really pays off never using the elevator ). I hope he won’t have to go to hospital (H1N1-hazard-zone 1).

Final thoughts of the day: I’m so glad Roti decided not to take the boat back to Rapa (it only leaves for the little island less than once a month which means that she’ll have to wait until October until she can get back). I’m not sure what we’d be doing now if we hadn’t met her – probably I’d get some time to read and pester more people with our questionnaire.

What’s our aim here? I’d say to make a difference – and a bicycle demonstration might be the right way to sensitise and mobilise the population… make them aware of their fossil-fuel addiction, peak oil, dependence on imports (if not the (more important) environmental aspect) and show them that they’re not powerless against “slumber-politics”…

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