Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

Gross National Happiness


Topics of the day: headache, EDT, life-management, redtapism, happiness

Today I actually wanted to go downtown and attack a few more passers-by with 24 questions each or at least read a bit, but ended up bumming around writing emails (the people I’m in contact with has increased exponentially thanks to the Tahiti-project) and postcards (it’s about time otherwise I’ll be back before they arrive – 3 month can just fly by…), sorting out my timetable, creating a To-Do-Mind-map (with all the things I still have to do in Tahiti and stuff I really should get done in Dundee), figuring out our expenditures (Raphael paid for everything together) and thinking about gross national happiness (stimulated by Dirk’s last blog entry). That should really be our goal: ensure that people are happy!

I managed to stay in the apartment the entire day while Raphael went to EDT (my headache didn’t really help improve the opinion I have of EDT, so I decided it would be a smarter move/more diplomatic not to join him) – astonishingly he got all the data we’d asked for and possibly even convinced them of paying the fee for him to attend the 4th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (which takes place in Berlin at the end of November) organized by EUROSOLAR and the WCRE (World Council for Renewable Energy). I wish I could go there too but I’ll be busy studying for exams…

Final thoughts of the day: Sometimes there’s just so much to do that I don’t know where to start and I lose sight of the actual objective: dramatically increasing gross global happiness!

I’m quite excited about going to Mo’orea with Eric and Robert tomorrow.

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