Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

Saying Goodbye


Topics of the day: wind turbines, market, time to say goodbye

When I woke up I was slightly disoriented – the sun’s up – why didn’t I wake up? Oh, no Raphael missed his flight! His mosquito-net is gone... all his stuff is gone. Okay it’s just me – I seem to have some naturally built in “log-sleep” (don’t wake up after having had only two hours of sleep). I had a bad conscience because I hadn’t said goodbye to Raphael in the evening – meant to take him to the airport with Roti. Hope he has an okay journey and finds a place to stay in L.A….

I assembled some wind turbines, cycled to the SEDEP to say thank you to Jean-Louis then left one on Rudolf’s porch (he wasn’t home) and one for Terii Vallaux and his assistant Jessica in the city, strolled over the market to buy some (useful) things to bring back home (capture a bit of Tahiti – Monoi-Tiare-oil (which is used as natural suntan-lotion, among other things…not that anyone could use it for that purpose in Germany or Scotland ;)).

When I came back we had dinner with Hinano and Carlos whom I had spontaneously invited (last chance to see him, I guess). Carlos and Roti actually know each other quite well – this island is so small :)

Final thoughts of the day: Days just go by so fast here – this was my last whole day and I didn’t get a chance to see the big waterfalls… wonder if I’ll ever come back - I’m already in greenhouse-gas-emissions-debt for the rest of my life…
Hope Raphael’s RE-mix-simulation and thesis-writing will be successful – but as far as I can assess his character (having met him only three months ago but spent almost 24-7 with him since then) he’ll come up with a decent solution. I am not going to comment on whether I am going to miss him or not… I guess I’m just a difficult person to live with – will enjoy having my own room back in Dundee ;)

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