Donnerstag, 13. August 2009



Topics of the day: reading, depression, optimism

I read and contemplated all day – was so depressed that I almost drowned in Weltschmerz (thanks Dirk ;) but then read Eric and Volker’s positive vision of the future (Equilibrism) and thought about Dirk’s more recent novel (Das Tahiti Projekt) which made me feel a bit better…

Final thoughts of the day: We need to connect all people in the world who want a new environmentally sound, just and balanced economic system in which mankind can flourish in a free, healthy, happy and peaceful manner in harmony with nature! Maybe the internet can serve as a platform to achieve this. I can think of so many people and organizations one could contact! Let’s spread the word and get everyone on board!

If we fail to help Tahiti free itself of the chains of fossil fuel slavery (soon) I think I’ll become an eco-terrorist…

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Hi Kimberley,

"... need to connect all people ..."

for that you should have a look on
There is a group for the pacific area, but as far as I see mostly Australians and Newzeelanders.

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